Cured Vanilla Beans

Welcome to ServoLux

With this website we would like to present our company ServoLux to you. The business areas we are interested in, and the services we offer. We are a small company located in the north eastern part of the Netherlands. We have strong links with Germany, India, and Indonesia.

Our links to India are manifold. First of all in India we are working together with a drug and pharmaceuticals company and local vanilla farmers. Although India is very new in the vanilla business it is poised to become one of the major players in this area in the next years. See our vanilla pages for more information.

On our vanilla pages we give a detailed description of vanilla, vanilla beans, and vanilla extracts. It also gives a brief overview of the history of the vanilla plant, or more precisely the vanilla orchid.

Our links to Germany come from the fact that one of our colleagues actually works and lives in Germany, close to the city of Frankfurt. He is active in our vanilla services and he is an expert in satellite navigation. See our GNSS pages for more information on the exiting field of satellite navigation using GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Compass Beidou.

Our links to Indonesia are related to a project to get iron out of sand. Sounds crazy? Well it is not! It is not simple but one can get high quality steel and other metals out of iron sand. See our Iron Sand pages for more information.